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“ONSEN” Culture; from Yufuin-Onsen to the World

About  Yufuin - Onsen

“ONSEN” literary means “warm spring” in Chinese characters and is equal to “hot springs” in English. However, hot springs in English is basically a geological phenomenon of high temperature water emergence of ground water. When we speak of “ONSEN”, we mean everything in and around it including the relaxing bath, heartwarming welcomes, traditional and innovative cooking (makes you feel the nature and seasons of Yufuin), accommodations with soothing environments and interaction with staff of ryokan and the local people. Please enjoy the pleasure of “ONSEN” in the land of Yufuin.

(1) Expect good effect to health by taking bath (Feel the Japanese culture everywhere: beautiful scenery, bath tub equipment, and the experience of soaking into the water.)
(2) Heartwarming hospitality that comfort your feeling (We try our best to offer same satisfying service to every guest from the world.)
(3) Feel the nature and the seasons of Yufuin with dishes we serve (We can correspond to your various needs: allergy, religion, and, of course, to your Japanese cuisine related requests.)
(4) Accommodations with soothing environments (Stay in your choice of Ryokan retaining our culture of woods and authentic designs.)
(5) Experience interactions with Ryokan and local people (We are looking forward to having mutual understanding with our customers.)

About  Yufuin - Onsen

Yufuin-Onsen is located in a small valley surrounded by mountains including the symbol of Yufuin-Onsen -- Yufu-dake.

Fields and paddies are spread throughout the valley: cherry blossom and mustard flower in spring; green rice fields in summer; yellow ginkos and bright red maples in autumn; and white snow covering the whole town in winter. Yufuin is not a typical busy touristy hot spring resort. Various ryokans (Japanese style inn) are scattered in a naturally rich environment where local people quietly live their ordinary lives. The longer you stay, the more you can feel and understand the lives of Yufuin locals.

The attractiveness of Yufuin ryokan is to separate yourself from the busy daily live for relaxation; to experience the rich nature; and to enjoy yourself in this timeless environment.

Examine and choose from various ryokans with unique character to fully enjoy the hot spring, nature, and way of life in Yufuin.

How to choose your ryokan・・・

Every Yufuin ryokan has its own original character (e.g. unique room, original course menu) to welcome and entertain the guests.
This -- choosing your ryokan based on your preference from the approximately one hundred ryokans -- is part of the uniqueness of visiting Yufuin-Onsen.

【 Basic Information 】

Display the type of credit cards accepted English website available Reservations can be made directly via website
Our services are available in English 24-hour front desk service    

【 Facilities・Equipment 】

Wheelchair accessible Pets Prior consultation needed* Single travelers are welcome Parking lot
Restaurants available for non-hotel guests Cafes available for non-hotel guests Bars available for non-hotel guests Meeting room・Stand-up meal style banquet hall
Tennis courts are adjacent to the inn Body treatment        

【 Guest Rooms 】

Many ryakans are built in Japanese style and basically their guest rooms are Japanese style with tatami or straw mat floors. Some ryakans have communal toilets shared with other guests.

Guest rooms with Western beds are available Guest room with private hot spring bath Non-smoking guest room Western-style bathroom
Bidet or Washlet toilet HVAC with individual temperature control In-room safety box Wi-Fi network environment* Inquiry needed
Internet connection environment Beautiful views can be seen Separate villa    

【 Meals 】

For dinner, dairy special Japanese course meals, which are cooked with carefully selected ingredients by the chef, are offered. Basically Japanese food is served as a breakfast. Guests basically have meals in a communal dining area or a private dining room.
Some ryokans offer accommodation with no meals.

Western style meals available Vegetarian meals available Non-allergy meals available Religious meals available
Western style breakfast available Locally-brewed sakes are offered Non-smoking restaurant available Dinner can be served in the guest room

【 Hot Springs 】

The Yufuin-Onsen's water is "simple hot spring" which means that it is transparent and scentless. Soaking yourself in the water for a while has the effect of healing your general and muscle fatigue.
It also allows one to spiritually relax. Part of the region has bluish water and/or alkaline water. By taking advantage of "higaeri nyuyoku (non-overnight bathing plan)," you can see and enjoy different types of water of Yufuin during a short stay.
Please note that guest rooms are, in principle, not equipped with an individual shower booth.

Indoor bath available Open-air bath available Hire bath available