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What's the Yufuin Station Art Hall?
There is an unusual room at JR Yufuin Station, which is the gateway to Yufuin. Sometimes it is called "Art Hall" and other times it is called just "a waiting room"…. This page includes mainly the information about exhibitions in "the Yufuin Station Art Hall".
"The Yufuin Station Art Hall "is a space served as both a waiting room and an art gallery. You can have a relaxing time looking at art works or reading a book here, while waiting for a train or someone. You can also visit here solely for the purpose of looking at the art works, not only because you're here on another purpose. Of course, admission is free, as it is a waiting room!
And, there is a leaflet named "Yufuin Art Information - A Forest Path" on the counter in the Station Hall. It includes the information about museums and galleries in the town. It's free circulation, so don't forget to obtain it before you start strolling in Yufuin.