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Yufuin Onsen
Open day:2014.01.01

Yufuin-Onsen is located in a small valley surrounded by mountains including the symbol of Yufuin-Onsen -- Yufu-dake.
Fields and paddies are spread throughout the valley: cherry blossom and mustard flower in spring; green rice fields in summer; yellow ginkos and bright red maples in autumn; and white snow covering the whole town in winter. Yufuin is not a typical busy touristy hot spring resort. Various ryokans (Japanese style inn) are scattered in a naturally rich environment where local people quietly live their ordinary lives. The longer you stay, the more you can feel and understand the lives of Yufuin locals.
The attractiveness of Yufuin ryokan is to separate yourself from the busy daily live for relaxation; to experience the rich nature; and to enjoy yourself in this timeless environment.
Examine and choose from various ryokans with unique character to fully enjoy the hot spring, nature, and way of life in Yufuin.