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The Yufuin Hot Spring Thanksgiving Festival Beginning of January

In wake of the Single-cow Owner’s Ranch Campaign, the first competition was held on October 10, 1976 (Showa 51). It was started when cow owners were invited to have a barbecue party with caretakers at a highland. Since then, the competition has been held on the second Monday of October (Taiiku no Hi or Health-Sports Day) and about 900 people participate, not only from Oita Prefecture but also from outside the prefecture every year. This unique event, after enjoying a barbecue of Yufuin raised beef, people scream words or phrases of their choice in front of a decibel meter, has become an environmental event representing Yufuin.
The Origin of “The Yufuin Eating Beef Screaming Competition”
In the 1970’s, Yufuin was a quiet and beautiful town blessed with an abundance of hot springs, but it was in hard financial times. When facing the problem those beautiful fields (meadows) of mountains spread out in front of them might be sold to and exploited, people in the town went into action. It was “Single-cow Owner’s Ranch Campaign”.They borrowed funds from people living in cities across the country as a favor to purchase calves for financially-strapped cattle farmers. In return, the cattle farmers sent the owners agricultural products, including home-grown rice, shiitake mushroom, miso paste and fruit, during that period. The number of cows in the town has increased severalfold and the meadows that were once in danger of being exploited are still remaining as a grazing land.
And some cow owners visited Yufuin to see their cows, but they couldn’t recognize their own cows because the meadow was too big. So an exchange meeting started for “cow owners and caretakers to enjoy Beef Nabe (stewpot) together in the meadow”. And then they began to compete in terms of whose voice was louder than the others, shouting toward Yufuin Bonchi (basin) spread out below the meadow. This is said to be the basis for “Yufuin Eating Beef Screaming Competition”.

October 11, 2010 Atmosphere of The Beef-Eating Screaming Competition